About Us

In 2013 DIVE Bar Tbilisi opened as the first ‘American Style Dive Bar’ in Georgia. With a focus on community and customer satisfaction it quickly grew into one of the cities best known nightlife establishments, playing host to backpackers and ambassadors alike.  Responsible for the proliferation of both craft beer and beer pong in Tbilisi, DIVE has remained a leader in the hospitality industry in Georgia and the greater Caucasus region for over five years.

In 2016 DIVExFabrika was the first tenant to open in the Fabrika Hostel Complex in Tbilisi’s Chugureti district.  DIVEx, as it became known, is one of Georgia’s premier event spaces, hosting, symposiums, live theatrical performances, film screenings, DJ sets and live bands.  DIVEx also developed one of the most creative cocktail programs in the city, providing world class mixology at an affordable price to patrons while they danced and enjoyed the evenings entertainment and events.

DIVE Art started in 2018 as a gallery space located directly above the original DIVE Bar and showcases contemporary Georgian artists as well as our own in-house reproductions of vintage tourism posters from across the former USSR.